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Black Panties - Erotic Novel by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long

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Black Panties


• Format: Softcover
• Genre: Erotic, Drama.


''Hot story with a lot of heart"- Erica Longfoot

"Outrageous & Exciting!!!"- Mary Talons


What's the true cost of becoming an online adult entertainer?

The first erotic novel by The Corrupt Author.

After living paycheck to paycheck gets old, school teacher Zahria Sims decides to turn to an adult content website, Simps Daddies, to make some extra cash.


The more followers she gains the more money she makes. But with more followers come more problems. As her popularity grows faster than she expected, it begins to threaten her personal and professional life.

leave the ordinary grind and come enjoy a new experience, read Black Panties.


2024 Novel - Black Panties by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long.
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