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Lady Cop - Novel by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long

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May 8th



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Lady Cop


• Format: Softcover
• Genre: Psychological Crime Drama.

The Corrupt Author's most controversial novel, order Lady Cop today!

A spin off novel from the Corrupt Officer's Guide series, this book follows Officer Renay Hyde. Given the nick name, Lady Cop by the folks in the small Alabama town where she begins her new career.

Out of her parent's home she finds herself Indulging in deviant sex acts while trying to find herself. When a lover's spout turns deadly Lady Cop finds herself covering up a terrible mistake. 

Now she just wants to clean up and get out of Alabama, but the more holes she digs trying the bury secrets the bloodier her hands become.

Perhaps the most distressing behavior is Lady Cop's growing appetite for more dirt and blood.



''I thought the woman losing a finger in Corrupt Officer's Guide was gross, but Lady Cop goes way further. This book made me physically nauseous a few times..'' Donald Green


The Corrupt Author takes darkness and light and writes in a disturbing gray. Lady Cop is a deranged masterpiece. - Bob M. Cook


2024 Novel - Lady Cop by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long.




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