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The Administrator - by Author Cedric Long

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The Administrator


• Format: Softcover
• Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama.


'' Love that character's from the other series made an appearance. This book was so much fun. Lady Cop showed up! ''' - Latasha Barnes

" I work with the Author. A lot of this story was based on a real life situation at the job."- Anonymous Coworker

Fling with a felon anyone?

Single mother, Lydia Brown is over worked at her job and over stressed by her strained relationship with her daughter Shauna.


So she decides to let her hair down and enjoy herself for one night. But this only uncovers her pent up longing for intimacy, leading to an unconventional romance with the edgy Jason Hollanquest. .


Further troubles develops as Lydia's new fling with a convicted felon and her position as an administrator is a conflict of interest.

Sometimes when your lost in life it's hard to choose the right direction to move forward in.

Novel - The Administrator by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long

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