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Cedric Dewan Long author of the Corrupt Officer's Guide series. Born in Montgomery, AL. 


     Corrupt Officer's Guide Book Series . Three fictional novels based on the author's personal experiences working for the Alabama Department of Corrections. The first book Corrupt Officer's Guide to Money follows protagonist John Youngblood a Young prison guard  as he set across a journey of the full spectrum of right and wrong while working in a state prison.


     Prison Reform Author Cedric Long has been very active in bringing change in the Alabama Department of Corrections. His proudest protests pay increases for staff and increase hiring of officers  have been addressed. But there's much more work to do. Officer Long has voiced his support for the Justice Department investigation, Holman prison riots and staff boycotts.    

     Legal disputes - In 2017 Cedric Long's novels were removed from distribution due to legal litigation. The subject was Mr. Long's writings closely resembling actual incidents under investigation by the Alabama Department of Corrections and the U.S. justice department.


     As of 05/04/2018 Mr. Long is again free to distribute his first novel as long as he removes certain content agreed upon by the ruling. Mr. long was compensated for loss sells. No parties involved can discuss the settlement per gag order.

The author's novels are fictional books based on Cedric Long's actual experiences as a former Correctional Officer. Cedric Long served the Alabama Department of Corrections four and a half years. His tour of duty includes Staton Correctional Facility, Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, and Frank Lee Work Release. 

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