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The Corrupt Author
Cedric Long's

Corrupt Author Cedric Long mug shot

BAD choices 

Press Kit
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The author's novels are fictional books based off the questionable behavior of former Correctional Officer Cedric Long. He served the Alabama Department of Corrections four and a half years. His tour of duty includes Staton Correctional Facility, Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, and Frank Lee Work Release. 

Why did I become a writer? I never dreamed of publishing novels one day but if you told me I'd work in a prison I wouldn't believe that either. My life changed after a divorce left me rebuilding from scratch. A correctional officer's pay was decent enough to get by on.

Working in the state penitentiary was insane but after a few months, it became normal to me. After work, I'd go home and tell people about my day. Their eyes would be as large as saucers when I finished talking. That's when I first got the idea to write a book.

Why am I Corrupt? Well, no human is completely good nor absolutely evil. Nothing is just black and white, everyone exists in the thousands of shades of grey in between. I wanted to be honest because no one really feels like they are the bad guy, not even murders. 

As I reflected on some of the things I've done in my career I began to realize I might not be the good guy my ego was painting in my own head. After researching watching other authors in interviews I felt like a misfit. They appeared to be proper, well educated, and have wholesome character.

Could I emulate these authors? Wondering if I even should try to be an author I almost quit. I finally said f**k it, I'm not like them, I'm the Corrupt Author. 

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