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I didn't see it myself but I believe them.


I don't want to think about this because I live alone now. Years ago I was a correctional officer working at Athens State Prison(Name of the institution has been fictionalized). I was assigned to a large dorm alone on the graveyard shift. The guards had an office a story above the inmate's bunk beds. The office had a large window and balcony over the dorm. The staff could easily look down and observe the inmates below. The unit housed around 360 inmates. It was like 1 am in morning, mostly all the inmates were asleep, I was about to nod off myself when I heard a commotion downstairs.


 I walk over to the windows and look down into the door. I see several inmates running thru the dorm. I assume it was due to a fight. I get up to leave the office and go downstairs to the dorm.  Once on the ground level, you can only see down a single row at a time because the bunks are in lines. I see several inmates speeding pass me as I get to the central area of the disturbance then nothing. Some inmates were still asleep in their bunks, those that were awake had fled the area. Well, the fighting stopped I guessed. 


Walking back to the office the inmates all stayed on the wall far from the area and some went up on the stairs. I asked what was going on. They began to say they saw something. I looked at a man dressed in his boxers only, knees still trembling. 


I say "What's going on in here?" 


He lights a cigarette right in my face and takes a drag. Then realizing his rule violation he says "Oh, sorry officer, but after seeing it I needed something to calm my nerves."


 I reply "Put it out." Then "Tell me what happened?" 

"I saw it" 

"You saw what?"

"I don't know, it."

I chill shot up my spine, I looked around me making sure nothing was creeping up on me.


One guy described it the best. He said He heard a noise that woke him. He looked up and seen It was backing towards his direction. Its face was turned away from him but it had a pale white body, it had no clothing and a long tail. Then it turned its head he saw two large solid black eyes, It stopped when it noticed him and backed away slowly then turn down an ale.

I got the hell up off the floor, turned all the lights on in the office, and watch the doors. Afterhours The only way out the building was through the office. The next morning two inmates were found dead on their bunks were the being had been first sighted. Test say they died of natural causes. I&I investigated the incident. I was questioned. I never mention anything about a creature.


                                               THE END


Sequel Coming Soon
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