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Short Stories

Come enjoy short shorties from Cedric Long and other guest authors.

Ending an Affair

Genre: Drama

Author: Cedric Long

Ruby must make a decision of ending an affair with a married man in way unexpected. But can Ruby really go through with doing what she decided to do?

The Occurrence at Athens Correctional Facility

Author: Cedric Long

Horrific real-life account of a paranormal experience set in a state prison. I hate thinking about it because I live alone now. I'm done with the this but you can continue reading if you want. Short Story.


  Demon, Angel of Death, Extraterrestrial, Monster, I don't know what to classify the creature, I just know I was there and the incident really happened. One night while working the graveyard shift at a state prison many witnesses encounter a strange being. The incident leaves two deceased and sparks an internal investigation. This is my account of the Occurrence at Athens State Correctional Facility.

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