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Ending an Affair
(A Short Story by Cedric Long)

Ruby Fletcher has been having sex with the pastor for 8 months now. He has a wife and a five


year old. She knows it is sin but she was in love. Fletcher Drives slower than the other cars on


the highway. She wasn't in a hurry; wasn't completely sure if she should do this.


The hot car had no AC, all the windows were down. The wind blows her dress up her legs.


Fletcher knew his daughter would be at daycare and wife at work. The pastor's first lady was a


teller at the bank Fletcher held an account. Making deposits had become so uncomfortable.


The wife smiles every time she sees Fletcher come in. Fletcher is forced to hold a faked


conversation; while her conscience eats away at her. She tried getting in another


line a few times but The pastor's wife angry face did not shy from expressing she was offended.


So Fletcher suffers in that line; waiting and hoping not to be struck by lightning. Fletcher


pulls the car over on the side of the road. She had been a minister at Word Way Ministries


for 3 years now. Parked on the side of the highway Fletcher expected to hear from God; If she


could just hear the smallest voice she'd turn around. But God was silent. The car continues


on the way to his home. She tells herself "When I get there I'll be strong enough to end this."


but she loves him, so she wasn't sure she could go thru with it. Would seeing that handsome


face cause her to fall into his arms and make love again. No, this time it's different this time


she was strong. The car pulls up on the street in front of the brick home. Fletcher sees Him


peeping out of the blinds. Butterflies fill her belly; just a glimpse of his eyes thru the


blinds have weakened her. She was madly in love with him. She sat outside for 10 minutes just


thinking. After pondering what to do Fletcher makes a final decision. Fixing her hair in the


mirror then reapplying her lipstick, she's ready. She was willing to share him with his wife...


...but no one else.


Fletcher found out a week ago that the pastor had been having an affair with Alice in the Quire.


He shouldn't have done that. Fletcher reaches in the armrest and pulls out the chrome revolver.


She gets out of the car walks up the driveway and rings the doorbell. She says to herself


"Osceola prison here I come." then the pastor says...


"It's open, come on in."



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