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No Panties - Erotic Novel by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long

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No Panties


• Format: Softcover
• Genre: Erotic, Drama.


"The author has never failed as grossing me out., LOL"- Emily Taylor 

I was so afraid for Zahria! She risked everything in this one!- Pamela Smoke


This time it all comes off!

Cedric Long's sequel to Black Panties. 

Zahria Sims had sworn off being an adult influencer and wants to move forward with her new boo Melo. but after Melo is arrested  her former friend manages to drag Zahria back into the lifestyle.


So now she's on a plane to Dubai to do something strange for a whole lot of change $$$. In her previous adventure she only had to post pics to lonely men from the safety of the internet. 


This time she's in a new country, with new laws, new customs, and new sexual requests from thirsty men live and in person. Will Zahria be able to handle a week in the trick capital of the world? 

Get ready for Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!

2024 Novel - No Panties by The Corrupt Author Cedric Long.
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