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Lady Cop - synopsis (2024 novel by Cedric Long )

Lady Cop 2024 crime thriller written by the The Corrupt Author.

Set in a fictional town north of Montgomery, Alabama it follows the main character  Officer Renay Hyde, the only female uniformed officer in town, get's the nick-name, Lady Cop.


Out of her parent's house for first time Lady Cop begins her adult life and career.  An unconventional sex life starts to unearth dark desires, Lady Cop, didn't know she was harboring. 


Innocent people get hurt after a fight with her main love interest, Luca. Now instead of stopping crime Lady Cop must cover up one. Lady Cop  just wants to tie up lose ends then get out of Alabama before her miss-deeds are discovered.

Join Lady Cop in this twisted psychosocial mystery full of rumors, manipulation, betrayal, mistrust, lovers, enemies, witnesses, and victims.  2024 anticipated releases by black authors

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