Inappropriate (Part One - The Bracelet)

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I wipe the black eyeshadow from my eyes. Tears had messed up my painted on face. I looked at the gold bracelet around my wrist, God knows I love jewelry. I was about to spend more money than I needed to get a matching necklace and earrings. It would look so good with my dress in the closet, the one I’ve never had an occasion for wearing. I guess now I'd save some money.

My husband gets off at 6pm. That gives me four more hours to finish. I’ve packed everything that I’m taking back down to South Carolina in the U-Haul, by myself.

I work up the courage to make the phone call.

"Hey Sharron," Mom says.

I take a deep breath, making sure my throat is clear, I don’t want mom to sense that I’ve been crying.

I feel a sharp pain in my chest, I don’t want to worry her, but I have to confess what has been going on.

"Momma, I'm moving back home with you and Dad."

"Oh Sharron Honeybun, what's wrong?" she pauses for only a second , then says,

"And of course you are always welcome to come home for however long you need."

"When are you coming down?"

"The drive is four and a half hours, I'm about to leave now. I just need to make one more sweep through the house to make sure I have all my things."

"Are you safe, did he hit you?"

"No, I’m fine."

I walk through our home, soon to be his home, turning off the lights. The dining room is now full of shadows as I flick off the last lamp. My wrist shines in the low light. I read the inscription, 18k gold, 900 bucks. I take the expensive lamps out of the house, replacing them with two lamps I ordered from Amazon. I place one by the door and the other in the bedroom. One of my last gifts to him, my husband.

I know her forehead is wrinkled and her heart is heavy. Mom was so delighted to see her only daughter married. She enjoyed picking out the dress and getting the dining hall for the reception, more than I did.

Our marriage was still new. This May would make three years. William appeared to be a good guy with a heart of gold. My parents were happy I’d found a loving guy.

I met Terry on the rebound, after he had just ended a 7 year relationship with his ex.

He attended church regularly, always gave a few bucks to beggars, and we didn't argue much. He did what he needed to do as a man. He even kept a close relationship with his ex’s daughter, though he was not her biological father. They say all guys cheat, but I never expected William to have an affair.


As I walk to the front door I pause to take it all in. I was leaving my home, my marriage and my life. We struggled the first two years moving here. I didn't mind hard times, as long as we both were working towards our goals, and everytime we made progress my heart was renewed with love.


He only was making 16 dollars an hour when we moved, took me 7 months to find a full time job. At the two year mark he was making $27 an hour, and with me working we brought our first home.Year three was going to be our year, the year we had money to travel and buy nice things with no worries. We would replace our older vehicles, I had my eye on a new Range Rover.


A few weeks ago, he had surprised me with a gold bracelet. It was a symbol of good things to come, it meant our struggling days were behind us. It made a statement, that I was his queen, and I could have all of the things that I deserved.

I remove my key, my wedding ring. Lastly, I remove the bracelet, setting the three items on the stand by the door. I wanted my husband to see my statement that I was in fact a queen and that I deserved better than what he could offer.


Um, I was so surprised when he gave me this, now he'd be the one surprised by it. (to be continued...)