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Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love - synopsis

Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love a prequel to Corrupt Officer's Guide to money. COG to Love is a love story set in a fictional Alabama prison.


20 year old John Youngblood separates from his wifeLady Cop and moves back home to Alabama, Low on funds he takes a job at Osceola Prison for Women, aka The Bird Cage. He has sworn off love until he runs into his childhood friend, Allegra 'Allie' Gibbons his secret childhood crush he never confessed his feelings to.

Allie is now an adult and looks more amazing than ever. Only problem is she's now incarcerated at Osceola prison and staff are stickily forbidden to have relationships of any kind with the prisoners. Youngblood tries to deny his attraction to the girl he's wanted his entire life but cannot so he gives in.

But she's not the same little girl he fell in love with. Allie has been through hell and back. Prison can change the once innocent or was she ever innocent? Youngblood learns that he may not know the real Allie. As they began an affair sneaking around the prison under secrecy the risk of being caught rises. Blinded by love Youngblood begins to neglect his duties and causes the entire prison to become unstable and more dangerous. 

This sends him in a spiral of guilt depression and anger. The only thing that feels good in his life is being in love. Now that Youngblood has Allie he believes everything is perfect and hopes nothing ever changes. Allie on the other hand needs everything to change and finds that Youngblood hasn't grown since their days in school. 

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