Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love by Author Cedric Long

Alabama inmate, tutwiler prison, female prisoner



• Format: Softcover
• Genre: Love Story, Humor, True Crime Fiction.


''I'm an employee currently involved with an inmate at the prison. It's hard keeping secrets with no one to talk to. This book was so similar to my situation, I loved every page of it'.' - Anonymous Female

''I was hoping the author says something in this book that gets him prosecuted so he can go to jail.'' - Jake Young

Who would want to get involved with an inmate?

John Youngblood said what everyone says. "I'll never get caught up with an inmate."

He dreads taking a job at Osceola Prison for Women. Officer Youngblood is given total control over hundreds of females. Some have not felt intimacy with a man in years. There are some very attractive people incarcerated. But He's not here for that. Still a man he looks but doesn't touch.


That's until he runs into Allie his secret childhood crush and she has matured past magnificent. Just being near Allie feels incredible as he begins experiencing urges beyond rational thought. The only problem is he's an officer and she's an inmate.


Relationships between staff and inmates are strictly prohibited and punishable by up to ten years in prison. But the more Officer Youngblood resists the more his passion and excitement intensify.

Officer Youngblood struggles to come to grips with the possibility of doing the unthinkable. Allowing himself to be in love with an inmate.


Based on Officer Cedric Long's real-life experiences working at Tutwiler Prison for Women.