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Read Excerpts Corrupt Officer's Guide to Money

Chapter 10 - Hail of a day at work

Things go ok until around 8 pm. The sun has set, and the night comes. I'm walking the prison dorm hearing the same insults yelled out. Security, Security, Top Flight Security of the world Craig, Hey, Flashlight, I see you.

As I approach the TV area, all the lights flicker. Next, they go off. I lift my hand up to eye level and wave it. I couldn’t see a thing, but I can hear the inmates talking. After a while, the voices fade and then stop.

The dorm becomes ghost silent.

Reality sets in. An eerie feeling enters my bones. I'm alone in a pitch black room, no, not alone. I'm surrounded by a hundred convicted felons. I feel like a deer alone on a dark African night. At any moment a lion could rip out of the nothingness.  

Someone whispers, "Where is he?"

"He was over there."

They are looking for me. I hold very still and stay quiet trying not to breathe too loud. What am I going to do? A body passes by so closely I can feel him. I keep my arms down by my side making my body as small as possible.

Someone grabs my arm in the dark. It takes everything for me not to scream. I want to run, but my legs are shaking. I can’t move.

Still gripping my arm firmly, the inmate says, "Do you know where the officer is?"

I deepen my voice. "No, I thought you were him."

The inmate says, "Here take one."He hands me something cold metal and sharp.

I can’t see it but know its purpose.

Chapter 24 - Love is a Crime

The next day while getting ready for work my phone rings. I look at the Screen. It’s my Doctor feel good trying to start a video chat session. Dr. Thornton says "Hey love, I need your opinion." She tells me she was headed to the beach to read and listen to music and wanted to know if I liked her new bikini.  I say “Sure I can help you with that, where is it?”


I watch her remove it from a bag. Then start to unbutton her top. I set up straight, trying not to blink. She removes her shirt exposing her push up bra. “My bras are becoming too tight, I think I should move up to a size D. ” She unsnaps it and it falls to the floor off camera. I sat quietly, Dr. Thornton had my full attention. Her brown nipples contrasting with her light complexion. This was a turn on. The video was high quality, I could even see the little pimples circling the nipple. Then she turns her back to the camera and drops her skirt.  The Doctor wasn’t wearing any apparel underneath. Next, I see her pick up a yellow bikini and slide into it. Finally, she adjusts the breast and says “So what do you think?”

Chapter 22 - A Slithery Detail

Arriving at work, Lieutenant Kelly met me at the time clock. Not today. I wonder what she wants now.

"Officer Youngblood, I have a detail for you. Do you have a phobia of snakes?"

"Um, no, I mean, no, ma’am." I wasn't sure if I answered that correctly.

"Good, we have information that inmate on bed 24a, Kobe Weaver is keeping a pet snake in his living area."

This is a bit much to ask even for a prison.

"Officer Youngblood, we are about to call institutional count, so that you can get Weaver on his bed. You and Officer B Cook are to search the area. Be very careful and capture the animal so we can remove it from the institution."

I say, "Okay," to Lt. Kelly and head to my assigned dorm. B Cook is already on the post.

Looking down at the floor, I say, "We have to shakedown bed 24a during the count."

B Cook looks at the expression on my face. "What else?"

I look up at him and say, "They think he has a snake in his bed drawer."

"He has a what? I’m not going looking for no snake." He frowns. "Youngblood, you should have told the lieutenant to bring her big butt down here and get it."

I keep silent.

B Cook says, "There's no way in hell I'm going with you."He plans to stand back on this one, way back.

The radio announces, "All units 2:47 p.m., count time."

We yell, "Count time, count time!"

My mind races.

All the inmates go to their beds.

After twenty seconds, everyone is seated on their assigned bed and motionless.

B Cook and I walk through and approach bed 24. B Cook stops back a few beds and watches me eagerly.

I ask Weaver to stand up and move aside for a shakedown. I stare at the large metal drawer, wondering what horrible thing it conceals. My pulse starts to sing me a song. My bones are saying danger ahead.  I reach toward the drawer with caution. My hand was wet, I notice my face was also. Here goes nothing.

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