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Read Excerpts Corrupt Officer's Guide to Love

Chapter 17 - Guilty

I speak low through the phone.

I was home alone but still had to look both ways before saying.

“Miller, I did it.”

“You did what?”

“I did, it!”

There was a short pause then Miller voices lights up.

“You sleep with one of the inmates!” Miller begins to shout with excitement

“I told you that you wasn’t going to be able to work around all those women.

Man that’s like seeing a 20 dollar bill on the ground, you can’t just walk past it.”

My voice raises “Man, I came so quick because I knew I was wrong.”

I gave him every detail at least three times,  this was exciting, we celebrate like it was my first time having sex.

We have work tomorrow so eventually we end our conversation.

I should have kept my mouth close, this is how rumors get out. But Miller wasn’t going to snitch. plus he works at different institution anyway.

Relaxing on the sofa I look up at the ceiling and ponder. I lost control so fast. Maybe a male shouldn't work at women's prison.

Miller made a good point. I had picked up that twenty and spent the hell out of it. But what's going to happen once I return to work at the bank where all the money is kelp?

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