Corrupt Officer's Guide to Money by Author Cedric Long

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Banned from distribution



• Format: Softcover
• Genre: True Crime, Humor, with elements of Romance.


''I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. When I finally did my daughter picked it up and refused to give it back. This Author scored two fans with one stone.'' - Jessica Ferrell

''Four and a half stars. This novel was unique unlike any other work I ever read. This is why I love indie books.' - Latasha Sterns


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The first novel in the Corrupt Officer's Guide series. John Youngblood a young African American male protagonist is transferred to work at a new prison. With his financial state in ruins, he begins to want more from his check to check existence. Becoming aware of the corrupt system around him Officer Youngblood starts to lose morale. Then an opportunity to make a fast two hundred fifty thousand dollars begins to change who he thought he was. But is money everything? Officer Youngblood is about to learn the true cost of working for the Department of Corrections.

There's a chance to make a small fortune all around us. One must only open their eyes. 

based on former correctional officer Cedric Long's real-life experiences working for the Alabama Department of Corrections.

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