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The 13th

eB craeful waht uoy sitck yuor onse nito!

The missing 13th Chapter!
from Corrupt Officer's Guide to Money

I was riding with Miller in his car. Miller fires up a Marlboro and blows smoke out the window. Lately, I been having that weird feeling like I was being followed. It's hard to tell if it's real or just my anxiety. I swallow a pill to calm myself. Wither I was being paranoid or not It feels real either way.


We pull up to the store, I see two attractive blondes coming out the store.

"Miller, two prospects,12 O'Clock." His cigarette falls from his lip and he spills beer staining his white shirt.

"Settle down, you're not going to get anything if you acting like you never seen a woman before."

"No, I already know the tall one! She works for the state."

The Taller blonde notices him and then waves. They start coming over to the car.  

Now my mouth drops open. These women were exceptional, both could make a gay man take rethink things.  They come up on my Millers side. The tall blonde leans down peeping into the window.

The tall blonde speaks "Hi, Miller who's your buddy?"

"That's my friend." I was a little mad that he gave a half-hearted introduction. Whoever she was he wasn't sharing her.

"Hi friend, nice to meet you."

"Hello beautiful strangers."

Both women flash perfect white teeth at my remark. The tall blonde then says "This is my little sister Ashley." 

Then she reaches into the window, frowning at the spot on Miller's shirt. "You stay dirty, it's been a while, hasn't it? I think it's time I scheduled you for a cleaning."


Then she looks at her sister and extends a single pinky, the sister doesn't say a word but meets her sister's finger with her own. Miller notices the gesture and grins. The two sisters look directly into Millers' eyes. All three remain silent but there was a strong sexual indication in the air between the three.


So much had been going over my head. The Pinky touching was not a mere coincidence. And Miller knows its secret. 





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